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About CTS
Clinical Technology Solutions was started in 2006 after the founder left GE Healthcare. The company was created at the request of many hospitals that were in need of better support options at reasonable price; so Clinical Technology Solutions was born. We began as a GE Monitoring, Telemetry service company, serving a handful of customers. Clinical Technology Solutions started as one employee with a vision that the customer should be taken care of.

We believe that integrity and honesty are important for any business, but we do not stop there. Listening to what customers needs, charging a fair price, doing what you say you are going to do, and delivering exceptional value leads to long term business relationships

Our national repair center, located in Jupiter, FL can provide our customers with fast turn around and what we believe and our customers believe is the best in the industry repair service for these types of repairs. 

Today we serve over 175 major customers and our national repair center opened in 2008. The depot repair center serves over 250 customers and is growing each day.

Whether you are looking at the equipment manufacturer or at another service company for your repairs, we are confident that we can do a better job at a lower cost for you!  

Give Clinical Technology Solutions the opportunity to show you what we deliver value, quality, and a turnaround time that is second to none. You have our word that you will be pleased!


Call us toll free: (877) 643-6134