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Carescape T14 Repair

The CARESCAPE Telemetry T14 Transmitter expands the capacity of the ApexPro CH telemetry system, enabling you to monitor up to 438 patients across the coverage area. This accommodates today’s requirements and helps ensure capacity for future expansion.  The transmitter uses 1395 to 1400 MHz.


The CARESCAPE T14 Transmitter is the newest ApexPro transmitter from GE and is not repairable by GE.

We are setup to not only reaper but also communicate with the T14 transmitter. If you are having other vendors work on your T14 transmitter for you, make sure that Vendor has the equipment to communicate with the transmitter for the repair, not just using a spectrum analyzer to see a signal and say it is working is not acceptable. Make sure you get a wave form strip with your repair. If your vendor does not have a setup to communicate with the T14 transmitter, do not trust your repairs with that vendor.