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Carescape MP100 Cooling Kit

CarescapeTM MP100D / MP100R Cooling kit Upgrade

Clinical Technology Solutions is proud to offer the Cooling kit upgrade for the GE Healthcare Carescape Server. The upgrade will not only reduce the operating temperature of the unit, but increase the life of the unit and the up time. This cooling kit will reduce the cost of ownership of these units also. This is achieved by adding a simple fan to the unit with out any hardware modification.   



  1. Shut down the Central station.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the unit. 
  3. Open the MP100 case by removing all the case screws on the side.
    1. Vacuum and clean out the unit prior to installation if necessary,
  4. Locate the CPU Heatsink.
  5. Install the Fan on top of the Heatsink bypushing it on make sure you are square up to the heat sink.
  6. Plug in the fan to the cpu fan power located on the board between the CPU and memory. 
  7. Replace the top cover.
  8. Power CaprescapeTM MP100D / MP100R unit back on and you are done.