Cardiac Central Monitoring Unit / CMU

Central Monitoring Unit

Telemetry Monitoring Unit

Monitoring Room

War Room

What ever you call the Central Monitoring of your patient ECG’s, we will help you design a unit that will meet your needs! We design beyond what the manufacturers can deliver and do so on a regular basis.

  • We offer full design of the CMU with the following:
    • Ergonomic configuration for entire unit
    • MultiKVM Switch that offers the following:
      • ​Any user can access any Central Stations
      • Allows Tele tech to pull up any other Central Station’s screens for review and support without having to get up
    • ​Sit / Stand desks (motorized for easy reconfiguration)
    • Ergonomic monitor mounting
    • Rack mounting of all Central Station equipment and video splitters
      • ​Includes Biomed workstation to access all Central Stations
      • Allows for ease of Biomed support without:
        • Having to remove equipment from under desk
        • Monitoring techs can still monitor patients since equipment is not mounted under or over the tele techs workstation
        • Aids in keeping equipment clean and dust free
        • Equipment can be remotely install to move out of CMU to allow for more space in CMU


Questions before starting a CMU

  • Do you need help designing the Space?
  • Is the location big enough for the equipment and Telemetry Technicians?
  • Do you have enough Power and Ventilation?
  • Would you like a solution in which the Central Stations are located in a rack in another room?
  • Do you need the ability for other technicians to be able to pull up a patient when the other tech is on the phone or stepped away from their disk, all without having to get up from their desk?
  • Will there be slave monitors or Mirrored Centrals involved?
  • Is neck strain an issue with your current solution?
  • Is ergonomic workstations a requirement of your HR due to Workman’s comp claims?
  • Would you like Sit/Stand desks to be integrated
  • Would you like serviceability built into the design?
  • Would you like Telemetry Technicians to be able to pull up any central in case of multiple events on one Telemetry Technician’s station?
  • Are you being told that you have to upgrade to get features like these?
  • Are you purchasing the right equipment and the correct licenses for the job?

There are many questions that need to be answered before undertaking a Central Unit, call us to help.

Let us show you what can be done to make your Telemetry unit a true monitoring unit, rather than a bunch of computers a room.

Whether you are looking for:

  1. Simple KVM solutions
  2. Local CMU Solutions with sit/Stand desk integration
  3. Move all Centrals for easy access for repair and maintenance
  4. Enterprise CMU ;for Multiple locations to be monitored
  5. Remote monitoring by offsite 3rd party
Let us show you you what can really be done.
Call us at Toll free at (877) 643-6134

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