Dropout is the gap that appears in the ECG/EKG waveform when monitoring patients. These can be minute to several inches in length and the frequency can be a little to where a waveform is considered unreadable.

  1. The first thing to do is at the CIC, get to a command prompt and issue the command “ setflags -mark all” If you see any yellow “tick marks” on the screen, this is dropout form the system and should be investigated further. If any other color lines show up call us to
  2. After looking at the system to turn off the marks at the same command prompt issue the command ” setflags -mark off”.
  3. NOTE – The central is not approved to keep monitoring patients while using the -mark all command during long term monitoring. This is for diagnostic purposes only. 

The antenna infrastructure should be certified annually. This is according to GE Healthcare specifications.

On systems over 50,000 sq. ft. of coverage we will travel (beyond North Texas) to your site.

Yes, we will provide an estimate of repair if we discover any components that are not performing up to standard.

We will do a telemetry health check first. This will give us a clear snap shot of the system and we can then figure out exactly what will need to be done to fix the system.

The Health checkup is about 2 days normally.

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