GE CIC’s, Telemetry Servers

Service Support for GE CARESCAPETM MAI700, MAS700, MP100, MP100R, Bedrock, BCM and ATS Servers

Clinical Technology Solutions proudly offers Service Support for the CARESCAPETM MAI700, MAS700, CARESCAPETM MP100, Bedrock, BCM as well as CARESCAPETM MP100R Servers and  ATS. We provide not only quality service on on the units but we can provide all the parts and support to get you back up and running. We are proud to offer the following parts and services:

CE CIC / ATS Support

  1. Did your CIC or ATS crash and you need help fast?
  2. Are you looking for a parts for GE Healthcare CIC’s or Telemetry servers?
  3. Did you call and get a price for parts that made your jaw hit the floor?
  4. Is the hourly rate for field support more than your budget can bear?
  5. Do you replace hard drives every three years as per GE recommendations?


Nervous about working on a CIC or ATS Server? Don’t Be!

You have found the right website and the right company that can help you. We can help you with your disaster to get back up and running. We can then help you to build a supply of hard drive and CPU fans that you can use to reduce your downtime and risk exposure. We support GE NightShade, BCM, Bedrock CIC’s, MP100 and GE ATS Servers.

Here is how we can help:

Phase 1 – Disaster Recovery:

Hero Kits available that contain all parts to repair you CIC’s and Telemetry servers that can ship overnight to you. (MB, DRIVES, Imaging software and more)

Phase 2 – Parts for Repair or PM:

  1. We carry hard drives and CPU fans for GE CIC and ATS servers at a much lower price than purchasing them from the manufacturer.
  2. We show you how to back up the CIC and ATS configurations so you can restore them easily.
  3. We will assist you in re-imaging the CIC.
  4. If you cannot afford the time, we have you send us a backup of your software and we will image the drives for you. All you do is install the drive and configure the CIC or ATS for the unit.
  5. We will walk you through restoring of the configuration of the CIC or ATS for the unit.

Phase 3 – Continued support:

  1. We understand that you have many vendors to support and you cannot always recall how to do some procedures.
  2. We will be here to walk you through the repair, recovery and re-image of you Central monitoring products.
This is a must for any Hospital or clinic that manages critical care patients. An unmonitored patients during an event is unforgivable.

Give us a call today so we can help you get back up and running.

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