Imaged CIC / Telemetry Server Replacement Hard Drives


GE CIC’s / Telemetry Server Imaged Hard Drives


With our imaged hard drives, they will save you time an money.

  1. Reduces downtime.
  2. Reduce amount of time on repair down to 30 minutes


We support both HDD and SSD Drives


FULL Disclosure Drives

  1. Shut down the CIC.
  2. Ground yourself on the chassis grounding point on the back of the CIC.
  3. Unplug the power cord from the back of the CIC.
  4. Remove the cover.
    1. With the #1 Philips screwdriver, remove the 4 screws on each side of the CIC.
    2. It is a Great time to vacuum out CIC and get rid of some Dust Bunnies.
    3. Disconnect the SATA and Power Cables from the drive.
  5. With the Philips screwdriver, loosen the 4 screws from TOP hard drive lift the drive straight up.
  6. Take the screws from the old drive an install in the new drive.
  7. Install the new drive back in and tighten the screws snug.
  8. Replace cover and screws.
  9. Plug the CIC Power up CIC.


Supports the following Serial Numbered Equipment
  1. CARESCAPE Central Station V2 – Serial Number’s starting with “SKN
  2. CARESCAPE Central Station V1 – MP100 – Serial Number’s starting with “SGJ
  3. CTS – MP100 – Serial Number’s starting with “SEE
  4. CIC ProTM  – MP100 – Serial Number’s starting with “SDY
  5. CIC ProTM  – Bedrock – Serial Number’s starting with “SCH
  6. CIC ProTM  – Bedrock – Serial Number’s starting with “JA
  7. ATS – Serial Number’s starting with “SAH”


We also offer the CIC Bedrock USB imaging Utility Here:

Bedrock USB imaging utility


We also offer the CIC USB Utility Here:

CIC USB HD utility


CIC USB Utility Here (Free version for download):

CIC USB HD utility


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