ApexPro CH Telemetry Health Check

  • Are you having dropout issues?
  • Do you know how your Telemetry Antenna infrastructure is performing?

  • Do you know the status of your Telemetry Hardware, Including:
    • Transmitters
    • Receivers
    • Telemetry Servers
    • CIC’s
  • Do you perform an Telemetry Infrastructure Check Annually?
  • Would a system failure cause you problems?


What does a Telemetry Health check involve?

  1. Verify that all antennas components are working.
  2. Verify that each antenna’s output is working within specifications.
  3. Test each transmitter to make sure it passes carrier impairment.
  4. Validate that the transmitters have not drifted off frequency.
  5. Verify that the Hospital has all documentation on the antenna and splitter board layouts.
  6. Provide results to the hospital.
  7. Update any diagrams that need to be.


With a Simple Test you can verify if you are having issues,

on a CIC: 

  1. From the CIC, click the Setup CIC
  2. Click the Service Password Tab
  3. Type mms_com as the pasword and press Enter
  4. Type setflags -mark all and press Enter
  5. If there are yellow lines at the bottom of a waveform where gags appear, you have dropout.

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