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Nowadays, due to a particularly complicated healthcare environment, the responsibilities of healthcare workers are endless. However, Patient Monitoring Solutions are designed to help doctors make informed decisions, decrease variation in care delivery while lowering costs. Digital CMU solutions have the potential to help healthcare companies revolutionize every aspect of their cardiac telemetry units. 

By implementing a command-center approach, and digitizing manual processes, Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) systems can help healthcare organizations overcome the challenges that keep them from improving their alert management and workflows. At Clinical Technology Solutions, we offer a number of bedside and transport monitors, central station and mobile applications to reduce complexity in your clinic.

Central monitoring is paramount to providing better patient care. From a command-center approach and managing alerts to mobile applications and facilitating team communication, Central Monitoring Systems present a variety of solutions to ensure your patients are cared for and your team stays connected.

Central Patient Monitoring solutions provide vital functions like constant monitoring from low to high acuity, early warning scoring, mobility, data security and so on. Furthermore, CMU systems ensure elimination of paper-based processes, enhanced telemetry technician productivity and increased economies of scale by incorporating disparate CMUs into one enterprise solution. Cutting-edge CMUs have also integrated more advanced features including flexible trending and display capability, enhanced alarm management, accelerated response times and virtualized platforms. 

If you are looking for a reliable Central Monitoring Systems provider — experts at Clinical Technology Solutions specialize in designing and developing innovative CMU applications. Contact us to get started today.

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