USB Bedrock Ghost Image Utility

 CTS Bedrock CIC USB Ghost Utility



The CTS Bedrock CIC USB Ghost Utility allows you to re-image the Hard drives without the ghost utility running on a computer.

It is Highly recommended you make a backup of the configuration before starting!!!

*** NOTE: All Data on the CIC will be overwritten ***


  1. Power off CIC
  2. Insert USB Drive into an open USB
  3. Power on CIC Bedrock CIC.
  4. From the Menu Select the Restore option for the CIC
  5. After the Image is restored and you get a success message
    1. Remove the USB Drive
    2. Reboot the CIC and let it finish the installation
      1. CIC will reboot several times
    3. After the CIC finishes,
      1. Configure IP addresses
      2. Configure Licensing
      3. Configure Printers
      4. Join to unit
      5. Configure shortcuts (if applicable)

*** Follow the instructions in the GE Service Manual for the Full Details! ***


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